Production Schedule for SIGCSE 2018 Proceedings
POSTED 6/8 @ 12:45 PM NY timezone

Below is the proposed production schedule for the SIGCSE 2018 Proceedings for attendees, as well as the timely appearance in the ACM DL.

Start Dates of Venue: February 21-24, 2018 Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Estimated Page Count: 820-850 pages Estimated # of Submissions: about 180-190 submissions

Please see the steps and stages of production for the proceedings, as well as the assigned deadlines. We kindly request that you also read through the various stages. Please coordinate the early registration deadline accordingly to supply the information needed on scheduled deadlines below.

Steps & Stages of Production
Deadlines/Target Dates

Chairs submission information to Sheridan.
As soon as possible the chairs publish and distribute a call for papers with the submission deadlines included (item #E).
If the present year's proceedings are not completed or in duplication stage, Sheridan can include your Call for Papers.
For your proceedings. For this step, the chairs provide a breakdown of the submission types and their corresponding page limits (& variables). Then within a few days Sheridan will have the preparation instructions posted and available for the chairs review.
The chairs then include the link to the preparation instructions and a strong note about the submission deadline (see below) in their acceptance emails to authors and invitation emails to speakers. encouraged to be included in the acceptance notifications, see item #C)

*Other variables can be auxiliary material or accompanying videos

on or before
October 1

Chairs provide Sheridan Communications with XLS to Sheridan of accepted submissios information.

Full Papers, Panel, Special Sessions, Keynote Talks & SRC Abstracts:
October 22

Workshop, BoF, Poster, Demo & Lighting Talks:
November 12-13

Chairs send out conference acceptance notifications & include link to Sheridan html page with the preparation instructions for authors to prepare the final version/publication ready submission(s)
*This is strongly encouraged, as compliance with formatting, page limits, and the deadlines is greatly improved when the link to the preparation instructions is included within the chairs' acceptance notices and invitations to keynote/invited speakers.

Deadline for ALL authors & speakers' Papers, Posters, Demos, Keynote, & Abstracts Final Version (Camera Ready) submissions.
*At this deadline, all authors and speakers should have submitted their final version. Kindly note that there is a short 24-36 hour grace period that Sheridan Communications will notify the chairs of any missing material. The chairs need to contact the appropriate authors to submit their material. Beyond this time, the missing (late) material will be removed and not included in the proceedings. So production and the deliverables are not delayed, nor the scheduled appearance in the ACM DL.

Full Papers, Panel, Special Sessions, Keynote Talks & SRC Abstracts:
November 26
(2017: Dec. 11)

Workshop, BoF, Poster, Demo & Lighting Talks:
December 5
(2017: Dec. 11)

Chairs supply Sheridan Communications with the ALL Front Matter & Art, images needed for the Proceedings' Cover, Title Page, and/or html banner.
*At this deadline if the front matter is not received in good order, Sheridan will need to organize the submissions by submission type than alphabetically by lead-authors' last names.

January 15-19


Chairs supply Sheridan with proceedings' quantity & detailed shipping information.
set your early registration deadline accordingly to supply the initial quantity by this date

Sheridan starts pagination and indexing the submissions for ToC & Indexes --and-- shell of the metadata.
January 22-29
Sheridan finalizes completed ACM Forms for ACM Copyrights-Perm finalization.
January 26-31
Sheridan Communications posts ACM DL page proofs for Chairs/ACM review & approval.
*For proofs, the link will be similar to: Example Web Folder (link contains only samples of covers & labels)
username: chairs
password: alphanj
February 1-2
Chairs supply Sheridan feedback or approval on ACM DL proofs
February 4-5
1. Publication Metadata compilation initiated & finalized for ACM DL;
2. Sheridan provides a zip of the proceedings to the chairs (and/or ACM has Sheridan create USB sticks)
3. Print version prepared (plates, press, & bindery initiated)
February 5-16
Sheridan ships the USB proceedings
Sheridan supplies ACM with the finalized metadata and all related files to autoload the ACM DL for the appearance (NOTE: late submissions will affect this delivery date and appearance in the ACM DL)
Feb. 15-18
Proceedings Arrive at conference site or local chair for distribution to attendees
Feb. 20-21
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If you still have questions or problems about the above production schedule, please contact us at Sheridan Communications via telephone at +1-908-213-8988 or via email at: with the conference acronym (SIGCSE 2018) in the subject line.