Guide to the ICMI 2013 Submissions' Preparation Instructions
POSTED & REVISED ON 9/24/13 @ 11:45 AM EDT

The following links will guide you to the appropriate preparation instructions for your submission type to ICMI 2013 Conference & Workshop Proceedings. Thank you for your attention to these instructions. Within the instructions are the specific deadlines and page limits set by the chairs and organizers.

ICMI 2013 Long & Short Papers

ICMI 2013 Doctoral Papers

ICMI 2013 Keynote & Invited Talks

ICMI 2013 Demo Abstracts

ICMI 2013 Challenge Session Chairs' Summaries

ChaLearn-MMGR, EmotiW, & MMLA Challenge Sessions' Papers


If you still have questions or problems about the ACM & SIG formatting requirements, please contact us at Sheridan Communications via telephone at +1-908-213-8988 or via email with the conference acronym (ICMI'13) in the subject line.