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 Adobe Acrobat Distiller
These are the settings from the acm.joboptions for Adobe Acrobat/Distiller
Please use the following to create your ACM compliant pdf, prior to submitting your final version.
These settings insure proper print and electronic duplication of your paper, as well as ensures that all text, images, special characters, and symbols display properly for viewers/users of the ACM DL.
Fonts Your pdf needs to have ALL fonts used in the creation of the submission embedded (EMBED ALL FONTS & SUBSET ALL EMBEDDED FONTS 100%).
Optimize Optimize the pdf (mandatory).
Thumbnails Generate Thumbnails (optional).
Resolution 600 or more dpi.
Compatibility Acrobat 5.0 (PDF1.4)

Other Settings


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Object Level Compression: Tags only
The compression of the images and figures (color and grayscale) should be at least 300 dpi and the quality HIGH. The text and line art should be compressed.
Leave the colors unchanged.
Preserve halftone settings/information
Preserve under color removal and black generation
Convert gradients to smooth shades
Preserve overprint settings: overprinting default is nonzero
Save PDF settings inside PDF file
Save original JPEG images in PDF if possible.

Page Size
The page size should/must be US Letter
   Width: 8.5
 Height: 11.0
 Units: Inches
Width: 21.591
Height: 27.9414
Units: Centimeters
Checking your Pdf
In Acrobat Reader, use 'File' ↓ 'Document Properties' and click on the 'Font' tab. Kindly note that this is not 100% effective for all relative settings needed, nor identifying special character and symbol fonts not embedded.
If all the fonts are not embedded in your submission, the page size is wrong, or other warnings: Sheridan Printing will create a compliant PDF from the other files submitted. The PDF we create will be sent back to the contact author for approval. Kindly check the pdf promptly.
The ACM Job.Options for Adobe Acrobat/Distiller Right Click here to obtain the ACM Job Options to include in your Full Version of Adobe Acrobat+Distiller program.
  The acm.joboptions should be saved into the appropriate folder of your Adobe program to be utilized when you create your pdf.

 Microsoft Word 2010 Instructions
File --> Save As in Word 2010 with PDF as the file type
There is an Options button that produces the dialog (see example to the left)
Under PDF options, select "ISO 19005-1 compliant (PDF/A)'
Click OK
Check using Adobe Acrobat Reader or other, that all fonts are Embedded Subset.
Submit your final version
If PCS still alerts you that all fonts are not embedded. When the venue submissions are processed, Sheridan we will attempt to convert/distill your submission's source file or PS (postscript) file to an ACM Compliant PDF and send the pdf file to you to approve.
*When you receive this email, please review the pdf to check that all symbols, accents, and special characters translated properly to the pdf.